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With environmental regulations increasing, combined with an ongoing trend in environmental consciousness, many metal stampers are exploring the use of renewable forming fluids. How important is using renewable fluids to you?

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Hydraulic Press Advantages

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Market Demands New Approach to Rust Preventive Fluids

At the end of the day, manufacturers who work with metals want one thing from rust preventive (RP) technologies: the assurance that their metal products will arrive at their destinations free of rust or stain. But environmental concerns and competitive pressures have complicated that challenge for blenders and formulators in recent years with additional, more complex requirements.   READ MORE

Advanced Steels May Be Big Contributors to Future Vehicles

The FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) program, from a worldwide consortium of steelmakers, features steel body structure designs that reportedly reduce mass by more than 35 percent over a benchmark vehicle and reduce total lifecycle emissions by nearly 70 percent.    READ MORE

Hurdles to Stamping GigaPascal-Strength Steels

With new GigaPascal-strength steels on the horizon, what issues await stampers tasked with creating automotive parts from these materials?   READ MORE

Tooling Problems and Properties

A stamping tool must change the shape of work material without changing tool shape. To do that, certain tool materials exhibit properties that provide a best match to the work material and forming process.   READ MORE

Metal-Stamping Overview

The metal-stamping process is described in general, focusing on types of stamping presses and tooling, as well as other equipment that comprises a complete stamping-press line. The use of forming lubricants and the process of part design is also discussed.   READ MORE